Else Poulsen Memorial Grant

The Bear Care Group believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their education in behaviour-based bear husbandry. The Bear Care Group, through the generous donation of our partner and sponsor, Hauser Bears, is pleased to offer the Else Poulsen Memorial Grant to help with the financial barriers that prevent individuals from attending the Advancing Bear Care (ABC) Conferences and Workshops. The grant is available to those individuals/organisations/facilities working directly with bears under human care. The Bear Care Group is apolitical and has an interest in improving the lives of all bears. We encourage all to apply for this grant. Grant recipients will be chosen based on the criteria listed below; priority will be given to those that demonstrate the greatest need and/or the greatest direct impact on bear welfare.


About Else Poulsen

Else Poulsen founded the Bear Care Group following her vision to improve the well-being and welfare of bears around the world. She dedicated her entire life to caring for animals, especially bears. Else worked in zoos early in her career and later as a consultant for caregivers around the globe; she was an enduring font of wisdom and knowledge regarding the nature and care of all bears. Her presentations, insights, and books will forever be resources for everyone to enjoy and help us become just a little bit better at what we do. Else was selfless and tireless in her dedication, and a true inspiration to us all. Since Else's passing, the Bear Care Group can honour her best by continuing to do the most we can for the animals in our care and to improve the welfare of our ursine friends everywhere. The Else Poulsen Memorial Grant will help us to continue to uphold Else's ideas and goals.




The Bear Care Group will provide selected recipients with:

  • Free conference/workshop registration.

  • Financial assistance with travel and accommodation for the conference/workshop.

  • Total annual grant amount is $2500 which may be divided between successful applicants to cover costs associated with attendance.



Criteria for Selection

Grants will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Those working with bears under human care (ie. In zoos, sanctuaries, rehabilitation facilities, etc.)

  • Those wanting to enhance their bear husbandry skills or programs

  • Those facing financial barriers to updating their husbandry programs or attending ABC conferences and workshops (those from low and middle income countries will have priority)

  • Those most likely to be able to apply what they have learned

  • Those who have not previously received this grant



The most suitable person(s)/facility will be chosen based on the above criteria and application review. Local applicants will have priority for regional workshops.


*Successful candidates must agree to provide a follow up (written report of how they applied what they learned, conference presentation, or poster) and impact statement (statement for publication on our website and/or Facebook page).


Submission deadlines will be announced before each ABC Conference or Workshop.

Now taking applications for Advancing Bear Care 2019.  Deadline to submit is June 10, 2019.

To Apply

Fill out the                    and send to info@bearcaregroup.org along with a brief letter of support from your employer/supervisor.

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