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As leaders in bear husbandry and welfare, the Bear Care Group has a responsibility to address issues that affect current and future practices in bear care.  The statements linked below have been formally adopted by the Bear Care Group.


Bear rehabilitation is the provision of care for orphaned, sick, or injured bears for the purpose of releasing recovered bears back into the wild. The rehabilitation of bears occurs globally and includes all eight bear species.  Click the link below for a list of licensed and/or authorized rehabilitators that rescue, rehab and release wild bears abiding by local, regional, and federal laws and regulations.




Else Poulsen founded the Bear Care Group following her vision to improve the well-being and welfare of bears around the world. She dedicated her entire life to caring for animals, especially bears. Else worked in zoos early in her career and later as a consultant for caregivers around the globe; she was an enduring font of wisdom and knowledge regarding the nature and care of all bears. Her presentations, insights, and books will forever be resources for everyone to enjoy and help us become just a little bit better at what we do. Else was selfless and tireless in her dedication, and a true inspiration to us all. Since Else's passing, the Bear Care Group can honor her best by continuing to do the most we can for the animals in our care and to improve the welfare of our ursine friends everywhere.

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