The Bear Care Group is a non-profit group dedicated to the continued organization of international bear husbandry conferences, programs, publications, and resources for bear caregivers at sanctuaries, rehabilitation facilities, and zoos. This website provides the most recent information and easy access to all conference needs including; conference and hotel registration, transportation info, and more.

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The Bear Care Group is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.   The Bear Care Group  tax identification number is 26-2885950.

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The Bear Care Group (BCG) respects your privacy but we'd like to stay in touch with you about the work we do to enhance bear welfare around the world, including keeping you informed about our conferences and workshops, fundraising appeals, and what you can do to support us. We do not trade, share, nor sell your data with anyone, nor do we send mailings on behalf of other organizations. We promise to keep your details safe and secure. You can change your mind at any time by contacting  For further details on how your data is used and stored please click on the link below.

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Interested in participating in the next Advancing Bear Care Conference or Workshop?

Not sure which is the best fit for you?


Conferences are formal gatherings that bring together delegates that work or volunteer in bear husbandry, conservation, rehabilitation, and welfare.  Lectures on the principles of behavior-based bear husbandry, environmental enrichment, operant conditioning, and veterinary care are presented by the Bear Care Group.  Papers and posters on these topics, supporting a pre-defined theme, are presented by delegates.

Through workshops, presentations, posters, and panel discussions, delegates share their new ideas and best practices contributing to the daily care, training, enrichment, habitat enhancement, environmental design, and medical care of bears in zoos, sanctuaries, and rehabilitation facilities.


Teaching workshops are designed to enhance the bear husbandry skills of a localized, targeted audience through lectures on the principles and applications of behavior-based bear husbandry, enrichment, operant conditioning, and veterinary care.  To accompany the lectures, small group workshops problem-solve husbandry issues, animal training, and medical questions, and further explain how the lecture topics can be incorporated into the daily care of bears. Additionally, hands-on workshops and demonstrations are typically conducted at a local facility to cover techniques in building enrichment, and training husbandry and medical behaviors.

Workshops generally have a smaller number of delegates who come to learn about modern husbandry techniques and how to improve the welfare of the bears in their care.  Delegates outside of the local, targeted audience for a workshop are also welcome to attend for the benefit of learning more about behavior-based husbandry, and to assist the Bear Care Group in conducting the small group problem-solving workshops and demonstrations.  If you have a specific interest in helping with a scheduled teaching workshop, let us know.